We Are Riverview Health: Laura

“I first got into respiratory therapy because that is the career my mother chose. She had a love for helping others, and I followed in her footsteps. I enjoy not only the patients but their families as well. I have made and kept some really good friendships at Riverview Health. Throughout my years at Riverview Health, I have always felt that respiratory therapists play an important role in patient care. However, since the COVID-19 Pandemic, our profession has been recognized and appreciated much more. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities that Riverview Health provides for me, and I look forward to retiring from Riverview Health. In November 2023, I will celebrate my 19th year at Riverview Health. I am always proud to tell people where I am employed. My husband and I went to elementary school together. We dated in high school but lost track of each other over the years, but one night I came into work and received my assignment and saw the last name of one of my patients. Needless to say, we found each other again and have been married ten years in November. Together we have four daughters, one son, two granddaughters and eight grandsons. We have recently installed an in-ground pool and are preparing to dig a fishing pond on our property. We enjoy trips to Florida, but spending time with our family is what we enjoy the most.” -Laura, RCP, respiratory therapist