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Body Knowledge

Weight-Management and Sports Nutrition Assessments Featuring the BOD POD

Q: What is a BOD POD?
A: A BOD POD is the gold-standard body composition tracking system, which uses air displacement plethysmography and whole-body densitometry to determine your body composition.

Q: What does the BOD POD measure?
A: The BOD POD measures total weight, body fat percentage and fat free mass. It also measures thoracic gas volume, resting metabolic rate and total energy expenditure to find your daily estimated calorie need.

Q: How long does the BOD POD measurement/assessment take?
A: The test takes about three minutes to complete, and the cabin will open every 50 seconds. Your assessment will include a 30-minute meeting to measure and review your results as well as answer any questions.

Q: What can I do with my measurement results?
A: Riverview Health offers individualized weight-loss and athletic programs to assist you with improving your body composition numbers. These programs are personalized to your needs and can include maintenance monitoring to assist in efficient weight-management after completing your program.

Q: Why should I know my body composition measurement?
A: Standard scales are limited, showing only your body weight instead of what your weight is actually composed of. BOD POD testing is highly accurate in determining even slight changes in fat, lean body mass and your metabolism. It’s one of the best indicators for overall health, compared to the body mass index (BMI) measurement. Programs involving the BOD POD determine if an individual loses or gains fat or muscle when seeing a weight change, which can be vital when working to reach health and wellness goals or see athletic progress.

Q: How much does a BOD POD measurement cost?
A: Your first consultation is a 60-minute appointment for $49. Discounts for corporate partners and student-athletes are available.

To schedule your single BOD POD assessment or ask questions, call Riverview Health Rehab & Fitness in Noblesville at 317.776.7225.

Preparing for your initial Body Knowledge assessment and BOD POD test

During your initial assessment, you’ll receive your body composition numbers and estimated calorie need. During this assessment, we will explain your results and answer your questions. It’s important that you do not eat, drink or exercise for two hours prior to BOD POD testing. You should also wear approved compression-type clothing.

  • For women, this includes a form-fitting Speedo or Lycra-type swimsuit, or single-layer compression shorts and sports bra without padding or wires.
  • For men, approved clothing includes a form-fitting Speedo or Lycra-type swimsuit, or single-layer compression shorts without padding.

If you have further questions about approved clothing, please contact Riverview Health Rehab & Fitness at 317.776.7225.

After your initial assessment, you can enroll in one of our individualized programs to help you improve or manage your body fat percentage and fat free mass. These programs use a multidimensional, personalized curriculum based on evidence-based information about weight loss and behavior change. Working on increasing your sports performance? Ask about the athlete program to see if it's the best option for you.

Throughout these personalized programs, you’ll learn more about your nutrition, health and wellness. These programs can also help you move toward your goals by making successful changes to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

To schedule your initial BOD POD session, please call 317.776.7225.

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To schedule, please call 317.776.7225.

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