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COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions, Test and Vaccine Information

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2020 by Riverview Health Chief Medical Officer Eric Marcotte, MD.

  • What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
    • Cough, fever, body aches, headaches, loss of taste and loss of smell are common.
    • Children under 10 often get stomach issues like throwing up or diarrhea.
  • How does COVID-19 spread?
    • COVID-19 is a virus with tiny molecules. It spreads in saliva (spit) by the little drops that come out of our mouths when we breathe hard or talk. This is why wearing a mask or face covering is helpful against spreading the virus. You should wear a mask when in the presence of people outside your own home or if you’re with someone who is quarantining or self-isolating. You should also wear a mask if you are sick or showing symptoms.
  • Who should get tested for COVID-19?
    • You have a lot of options to get tested for COVID-19. If you are having trouble breathing, you should go to an emergency room. If you are not very sick or if your symptoms are mild, you should stay home and isolate, which means stay in a room by yourself so the virus won’t spread to others in your household.
    • If you have been around someone with COVID-19 but you aren’t sick, you can call 1.888.634.1116 to schedule a free test through the state or visit the state's scheduling website or https://lhi.care/covidtesting to schedule.
    • To see which Riverview Health COVID-19 testing option is right for you, check out our COVID-19 Testing page >>
    • Riverview Health primary care offices provide testing for our patients by appointment, please call your provider. Find a Riverview Health provider >>
  • What kinds of tests does Riverview Health use?
    • We care about the health and safety of all of our patients, visitors and staff members. That's why we test surgery patients and every patient who is admitted into our hospitals––regardless of symptoms––so we can rule out COVID-19 or take appropriate precautions. Riverview Health offers a state-of-the-art laboratory that can perform several kinds of COVID-19 tests, depending on what your doctor thinks you need. 
      • PCR Test (Hologic Panther; Aries)—This is a nose swab that can find the genes from COVID-19 and is the most accurate test to tell if someone has COVID-19.
      • Antigen Test (Quidel Sofia)—This is a nose swab that finds pieces of the virus and is very fast but less accurate than the PCR test.
      • Antibody Test (Abbott Architect; Beckman Coulter) – This is a blood test that looks for your body’s defenses. After someone has COVID-19, they usually make antibody defenses so they won’t get sick again
        • IgM antibody is the first kind a person makes after getting sick, usually within the first week. This test can tell if you are getting over COVID-19
        • IgG antibody is the next kind of antibody made after getting sick. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to show up in the blood but can last for months. This is the kind of antibody we think helps give long-term immunity (defense) against getting COVID-19 again.                                                                                                                               
  • Where can I get more information?
    • Indiana State Department of Health website or hotline at 1-877-826-0011
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website