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Q: What is multi-factor authentication?

A: It's an additional layer of security so when you attempt to log in remotely, you will receive a phone call or mobile phone app notification with a code to confirm it's really you.

Q: Do I need to register?

A: If you ever work remotely or plan to work remotely (off-site or from home) using VMWare or connecting to a virtual desktop (desktops.riverview.org)––YES. If you never access a virtual desktop––NO.

Q: How do I register?

A:  It's easy! Follow the steps below or refer to the PDFs in the Additional Information box on this webpage.

  1. Using Internet Explorer if you're on a PC or Safari if you're on a Mac, go to this webpage: https://mfarvh.mercytechnology.net/portal/ 
  2. Log in using your Riverview Health username (usually this is your lastnamefirstinital) and password.
  3. Decide how you want to receive your verification code––via an automated phone call or notification from an app on your smartphone. Regardless if you choose to receive the code via app or phone call, you'll need to type in a code every time you try to connect to your remote desktop––so make sure you choose a phone number for a phone you'll have with you when you're off-site.
    1. Smartphone app notification: Select this option if you want to install a mobile application on your smartphone to receive a notification with a code when your account needs to verify it's really you when you log in to your virtual desktop. If you choose this method, use the links below for your smartphone to download the the Microsoft Authenticator app before proceeding to step 4.
      1. iPhone
      2. Android
      3. Windows Phone
    2. Phone call: If you don't want to install this app, you'll choose to recieve a phone call with an automated code. You can enroll up to two phone numbers.
  4. To finish enrollment, the system will send you a test code via your preferred method (app notification or phone call) to confirm everything is set up correctly.
  5. You're done! Thanks for helping us make sure our network is secure!

Now, every time you try to log in remotely to your virtual desktop, you'll be sent a code to enter to verify it's you.

Still need help?

Please refer to the handy Multi-factor Registration Instructions PDF in the Additional Information box on this page for detailed instructions and pictures.