Riverview Health

Leadership Team

Pat Fox

President & Chief Executive Officer

Pat Fox was named president and chief executive officer of Riverview Health in 2004, and has nearly 30 years of leadership experience at hospitals in Indiana and Illinois. In her role as CEO, Fox is primarily responsible for helping the organization attain its vision to redefine the healthcare experience, and become the best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.

Larry Christman

Chief Operations Officer

Larry Christman serves as chief operations officer, a position he has held with Riverview Health since 2008. With more than 40 years of experience, Christman focuses on championing a culture of operational excellence and plays a lead role in driving strategic goals to improve productivity and performance throughout the organization.

Brenda Baker

Chief Financial Officer

Brenda Baker joined Riverview Health as vice president of Finance in 2010, and was appointed to chief financial officer in 2013. In her role, Baker leads the financial strategy for Riverview Health, positioning the organization for profitable growth. Her responsibilities include overseeing financial reporting, functions and transactions through the organization.

Joyce Wood

Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President Organizational Improvement

Joyce Wood began her career as a staff nurse at Riverview Health in 1990, and currently serves as the chief nursing officer and vice president of Organizational Improvement. Wood is responsible for overseeing both strategic and operational initiatives that impact nursing practice to ensure patients receive safe, compassionate, high-quality care. She also provides leadership on risk management and regulatory compliance.

John Paris, MD

Chief Medical Officer

As chief medical officer of Riverview Health, Dr. John Paris is responsible for building physician partnerships and maintaining quality assurance throughout the organization. In his role, he has operational oversight of the Medical Staff Office and credentialing. Dr. Paris also played an integral role in the development of the Cardiac Surgery program at Riverview Health.

Brant Bucciarelli

Chief Information Officer

Brant Bucciarelli joined Riverview Health in 2012 as chief information officer and is responsible for the development, implementation and strategic planning for all information technology and telecommunications initiatives. Bucciarelli has more than 18 years of healthcare IT experience with a special focus on the integration of innovative technologies to enhance the user experience.

Mary Valdez

Vice President of Operations, Riverview Medical Group

As vice president of Operations for Riverview Medical Group, Mary Valdez is responsible for the daily operations, strategic management and process improvement for all Riverview Medical Group practices. This involves streamlining access to care and achieving financial efficiency.

Ann Kuzee

Executive Director, Human Resources

As executive director of Human Resources at Riverview Health, Ann Kuzee oversees leadership development, employee relations, compensation, benefits, recruitment, employee health, clinical education and human resource policy. With more than 15 years of professional experience in human resources, Kuzee aims to engage employees and works with leadership to further develop talent within Riverview Health.

Sydney Ehmke

Executive Director, Community Services

Syd Ehmke has been with Riverview Health since 1988, and currently serves as executive director of Community Services. In her role, Ehmke focuses on the community with the intent to increase access to healthcare, provide vital education and empower community members to improve their health. She also played a major role in launching Riverview Community Health Clinic to meet the healthcare needs of the underserved—a clinic she now oversees.

Board of Trustees

  • Greg Murray, Chairman
  • William Kirsch, MD, Vice Chairman
  • Leann Murray, Secretary
  • Charles Mulry, MD, Assistant Secretary
  • Steven Holt
  • Sam Mishelow