Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Making a donation to Riverview Health Foundation is a meaningful way to honor or to remember someone special while helping others at the same time. We thank you for your gift in honor of a special person or occasion, or in the memory of a loved one. Thoughtful memorial gifts and honorary gifts make it possible for us to continue funding important projects at Riverview Health.


Riverview Health Foundation received gifts in 2022 as a tribute to or in memory of the following loved ones, family and friends.


In Tribute

Name of Tribute Donor
Benjamin Beal Mrs. Carson-Beal
Maria Cline Ms. Marlene Hotko
Moser Consulting Mr. Ty Moser
Dr. David J. Dwyer Mr. Gary Nickander
Dr. Samuel Heiser Ms. Shannon Lock
Ms. Mary Hunter Mrs. Ellen Kelley
Dr. Stephen Jacobsen Mr. John Jameson
Dr. William Kirsch Marion Siara
Dr. Eric Marcotte Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schaefer
Jared McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cook
Dr. Thomas Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murphy
Dr. Daniel Milton Ms. Sherry Dovin
Jason Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Irv Pearce
Riverview Health Noblesville Hospital Mr. Matthew Robinson
Dr. Joshua Tieman Ms. Shannon Lock
Ashley Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cook


In Memory

In Memory of Donor
Ingle Barrick Reverend and Mrs. Brooks Barrick
J. Frederick and Dorothea Bowers Mr.and Mrs. John Bowers
Courtney Cox Cole Kathy and Dr. Gina Barton
  Mrs. James Camp
  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Huffman
James Clymer 24hr Bookkeeper
  Ms. Judy Logan
Jayne Cloud Ms. Evelyn Johnson
Jim and Ceceilia Cooksey Ms. Julia Cooper
Trent Davis Mr. and Mrs. Terry Buckley
  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Brantley
  Ms. Carly Brinkley
  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cameron
  Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Cohee
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins
  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cooper
  Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dever
  Ms. Jennifer Galullo
  Haynes Community FCU
  Mr. Joe Harvey
  Ms. Mary Henderson
  Brad Howell Inc.
  Kesler Schaefer Auto Auction
  Mr. and Mrs. Jason Leininger
  Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Miller
  Ms. Eva Phelps
  Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ploughe
  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rayl
  Mr. and Mrs. James Reynolds
  Bonnie Rund, Trustee
  Ms. Sharon Smith
  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stage
  Ms. Constance Treadway
  Ms. Sherry Watson
Larry Dovin Ms. Tricia Hall
  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Miller
Dr. Paul Frederick Riverview Health Medical Staff
Frank Farano Mrs. Margaret Farano
Kate Goodrich Mrs. Anne Goodrich
Ruth Gutkin John and Tammy Howatt
Sara and George Heighway Mr. John Jameson
Bill Hewett Mrs. Sue Hewett
Michael Hitson Ms. Kelly Ewusi
  Ms. Lyndal Kreidler
  Ms. Antje Midkiff
  Reply Inc.
  Riverview Health Outpatient Pharmacy
  Ms. Michele Williams
Carolyn Johns Ms. Claudia Arnold
  Mrs. Jill Fleenor
  Ms. Linda Gibbons
  Ms. Mary Jane Polsgrove
  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wiles
  Ms. Stephanie Wolfson
Richard Kay Ms. Wendy Apgar
  Mr. and Mrs. Randall Brown
  Ms. Susan Brown
  Mr. Gene Bruns
  Mrs. Faith Gates
  Ms. Karen Heidenescher
  Mr. and Mrs. David Kay
  Ms. Martha Kay
  Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kaufman
  Mr. and Mrs. Tim Miller
  Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Petry
  Riverview Health Inpatient Pharmacy
  Ms. Laurena Rouan
  Ms. Linda Troutman
Frank C. Kinzer Ms. Pat Kinzer
F. Darlene Lundy Ms. Jessie Coverdale
Bill Method Ms. Ann Legener
Ernest W. Novack Jr. Mrs. Kathryn Novack
Ed Ott Ms. Amy Werlin
Jean Piggott Reverend and Mrs. Brooks Barrick
Jack Scott Mrs. Jack Scott
Phil Shelby Mrs. Chris Shelby
Phyllis Stackhouse Mrs. Martha Sweeney
Evelyn Stoten Mrs. Barbara Cowan
Russell Stowers Ms. Melissa Walton
Nancy Ten Cate Mr. Daniel Dillon
Nancy Ten Cate Ms. Risa Regnier
Mr. Lee Wall Ms. Cheryl Richardson
Larry Warfel Ms. Wendy Hunter
Nan Watson Mrs. Barbara Cowan