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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a fee to use MyRiverView?

There is no charge to use MyRiverView.

How do I sign up?


  • If you provided an email address at registration, check that email account for an invitation email. Follow the instructions in that email to complete your registration.

Riverview Medical Group Physician Practices

  • Request an invitation to sign up for the portal from staff members in the practice.

Additional Sign-up Option

  • You can request an account at any time by clicking here.
When can I see my lab results on MyRiverView?


  • Your lab results will be available on the portal 36 hours after they are completed

Riverview Medical Group Physician Practices

  • Your lab results will be available on the portal 96 hours after they are completed.
Why am I unable to see some of my lab results on MyRiverView?

Results that have been deemed sensitive by Riverview Health physicians will not be automatically released to MyRiverView. If you have questions about a result that may be sensitive, please ask your provider or their office staff for more information.

What should I do if some of my health information is incorrect on MyRiverView?

Please ask your physician or physician’s office to correct any inaccurate information during your next visit.

If I send a message to my doctor's office, when can I expect a reply?

MyRiverView should never be used for communication in emergency situations. Instead call the physicians office immediately or dial 911.

You can expect a reply from your physician’s office within two business days.

Can my spouse and I share one MyRiverView account?

No. Due to patient privacy rules, spouses may not share a single MyRiverView account.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Click on the “I forgot my user ID or password” link from the sign-in page.

Where can I request an update to my personal information?

Login to MyRiverView and click “Account” on the toolbar. From here, you can select the appropriate item to edit. Please note that any information entered here does not automatically get updated in other Riverview Health systems. Please make sure to also contact your doctor’s office to update any of your personal information.

Is this service secure?

This service uses a high level of security to protect the privacy and confidentiality of healthcare information transmitted through its provider-patient messaging service. Unlike email, which relies on multiple file servers distributed across the internet, we use a single, centrally managed and secure database for all provider-patient communications. The service delivers all messages to a Web browser using 128-bit, secure-socket layer encryption. Only you, your provider and your providers authorized staff can read these messages. To prevent others from viewing your private information, you should always log out after using this service.

What type of software is necessary to use MyRiverView?

Accessing the service requires only a connection to the Internet and a web browser. You can run this service using either a PC or a Macintosh computer.

What if I use a pop-up blocker?

If you use any of the following, you may be using a pop-up blocker:

  • Internet Explorer on Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later
  • A third-party Internet Explorer toolbar, such as the MSN, Yahoo! or Google toolbars
  • Mozilla Firefox

If you are using a pop-up blocker, you will need to explicitly allow the service to display pop-ups (often called “whitelisting”). Please review documentation for the product you are using to determine how to add “app.relayhealth.com” to your whitelist.

I turned off the pop-up blocker, but sometimes the pop-up gets “stuck” behind the main browser window.

If you are using Firefox, there is one additional step to take. Go to Tools/Options. Click the Content icon. Next to the Enable JavaScript checkbox (which should be checked), click the Advanced button. In the Advanced JavaScript Settings window, check Raise or lower windows, and then click OK.

How will I know if I have a message waiting for me on MyRiverView?

You will not receive a RelayHealth email address. You check your messages by signing into your password-protected MyRiverView account. When a message is delivered to your MyRiverView inbox, the service immediately sends an email to your personal email address (the email address you provided when registering) notifying you of a waiting message and providing a convenient link to the portal.

How are accounts handled for minors?

Patients age 13 and under

MyRiverView access is available for parents and legal guardians of patients who are minors. To obtain access, follow these steps:

  1. Complete a consent form. This can be done when you are in the physician practice or you can complete this form and contact the office of your child’s physician to obtain a fax number in order to return the form.
  2. After completing and submitting a consent form, you need to create a MyRiverView account. Please note if you are not a Riverview Health patient you can still create an account in order to access your child’s information.
  3. From your MyRiverView account, click on the Providers tab at the top of the page and then select +Add Family Member. Enter your child’s information and make sure to select your child’s provider(s). 
  4. When you add the child as a family member and link him or her to his or her provider, a message will be sent to the provider’s practice. The practice will confirm it has the signed consent form on file, and it will accept the request to connect.

Patients age 14-17

  • MyRiverView access is not available for patients or their parents/guardians in this age range. Access to MyRiverView accounts for minors in this age range will be deactivated. Authorized access to the minor's medical record will be facilitated through Release of Information in the Medical Records department at Riverview Health.

When a minor patient turns 18, he or she may request access to establish a MyRiverView account.

Can more than one parent have access to a minor's account?

MyRiverView allows only one person to have access to a minor's account at any time. Parents/guardians will need to decide who should be the primary account holder for the minor's account, and all communication will be sent to the primary account holder's account. Please note that authorized access to the minor's medical record will also continue to be available through Release of Information in the Medical Records department at Riverview Health.

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