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Riverview Health believes on-site primary care is an easy way for employers to reduce the cost of their medical plan while providing improved health benefits to employees and dependents. Our employer health centers can provide services to improve employee and their families’ health in one location—everything from wellness programs and prevention to primary and urgent care. This reduces overall health care costs for both the employer and employee.

Services include:

  • Outpatient lab
  • Outpatient pharmacy and medication therapy management with a pharmacist
  • On-site wellness coaching and nutritional counseling with a registered dietitan
  • Patient advocacy programs

In addition, Riverview Health offers shared clinic options, which enable smaller employers to join with other local employers to establish a nearby health center for their employees at a lower cost than a traditional clinic model. Employers participating in a shared health center model are able to offer complete care to their employees and remain a competitive employer in their community.