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What is the Body Knowledge Program?

Riverview Health is proud to offer the Body Knowledge program, featuring the BOD POD, to help you meet your health, wellness and fitness goals. Call 317.776.7225 to schedule an appointment.

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The BOD POD is located at:

Riverview Health Rehab & Fitness in Noblesville
601 Westfield Rd.
Noblesville, IN 46060
P: 317.776.7225

Riverview Health is proud to offer the Body Knowledge weight-management and sports nutrition program to help you meet your health, wellness and fitness goals.

The Body Knowledge program is more than just a diet and exercise plan––it aims to educate about nutrition and encourage long-term behavior goals while using the BOD POD. The BOD POD provides precise body composition measurements including body fat percentage and estimated calorie need.

How Body Knowledge Works

The program begins with a BOD POD assessment where a registered dietitian will measure you in the BOD POD then review your results and help design a program for long-term behavior change.

If you’re interested in making changes to your body composition, our programs use the BOD POD to measure precise progress toward meeting your body composition goals—typically by gaining muscle mass and reducing your body fat. This makes Body Knowledge an ideal program for athletes as well as people looking to lose weight or maintain their current body composition.

The programs begin with a BOD POD assessment that provides results that a registered dietitian will review with you. These results provide the basis for the design of a personalized program to help you achieve long-term behavior changes and reach your goals.

Program Options

The programs incorporate one-on-one coaching on topics including everyday nutrition, physical activity, behavior change and environmental factors. Weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings with a registered dietitian and certified health and wellness coach can help hold you accountable so you succeed in meeting your goals. Body Knowledge programs also include complimentary lab draws and the option to work with a certified exercise specialist at Riverview Health Rehab & Fitness.

Body Knowledge programs are available in the following packages:

  • Four-week weight management program
  • Eight-week weight management program
  • 16-week weight management program
  • 16-week PLUS weight management program (10-month program)
  • Athlete program
  • Body Knowledge + fitness program

These programs are best suited for people looking to make significant lifestyle changes to improve their health and measure success with personal goal achievements and precise body composition testing.

To get started and schedule your single BOD POD assessment, call Riverview Health Rehab & Fitness in Noblesville at 317.776.7225.

Questions about the programs? Call Riverview Health Wellness Services at 317.770.4130 or email


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