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    Maternity Center Tour

  • Maternity Center Tour

    Maternity Center Tour

  • Expecting the Unexpected

    Expecting the Unexpected

  • Expecting the Unexpected

    Expecting the Unexpected

For first-time parents Ryan and Lauren, pregnancy was smooth sailing. All seemed to go as planned until the moment their baby finally arrived. Their daughter swallowed too much fluid during delivery, but with special attention from the pediatric hospitalist team at Riverview Health, she was cared for quickly and sent home healthy.

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Bringing a child into the world is a profound life experience. At Riverview Health, we provide a soothing and luxurious childbirth environment—staffed by skilled maternity nurses, obstetricians and pediatric hospitalists—that’s designed around the needs of expectant mothers.

Our maternity experts ensure all your needs are met with care and efficiency throughout your childbirth experience. By providing an array of pain relief and anesthesia options, your comfort level remains a top priority. Our maternity staff and obstetricians also try to adhere as much as possible to your labor and birthing preferences while ensuring the health of your baby. For this reason, Riverview Health hasn’t had any early elective deliveries since 2013, and our first-time c-section rate is below the national average.

Learn more about our maternity tours and childbirth and breastfeeding classes on our Classes & Events page.


Providers in this service

  • Stephanie A. Brazus, MD

    Stephanie A. Brazus, MD

  • Rachel M. Davenport, MD

    Rachel M. Davenport, MD

  • Valerie K. Gathers, MD

    Valerie K. Gathers, MD

  • Jennifer A. Nemunaitis-Keller, MD

    Jennifer A. Nemunaitis-Keller, MD

  • Ashley E. Seidner, DO

    Ashley E. Seidner, DO

  • Holly D. Storm, DO

    Holly D. Storm, DO