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ACL surgery—also referred to as ACL reconstruction, ACL replacement or ACL repair—is a procedure that’s used to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This ligament is located in your knee and acts as a support system for your knee joint. When you have partially or completely torn your ACL, come to Riverview Health for a variety of treatment options, including ACL surgery.

Why ACL Surgery is Performed

ACL surgery is used to stabilize your knee joint while returning it to a normal functionality after an ACL injury. Following your surgery, you should be able to use your knee without as much pain. 

ACL surgery is typically an option for those who have either completely torn their ACL or have other knee injuries in addition to a torn ACL. This procedure may also be recommended if you’re an active adult, older child or teen whose growth plates have closed, you have symptoms of instability (including knee pain or a knee that gives way), or if other less-invasive options like physical therapy haven’t worked.

What You Should Expect

ACL surgery is a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure at Riverview Health that involves our orthopedic surgeons using a connective tissue graft to repair your injured ACL. Your body will then be able to heal around the graft over the course of several months.

Many people are able to go home the same day after ACL surgery, although you may have to use crutches or wear a knee brace to keep your knee stable while it heals. Some people benefit from continuing to use the brace for extra security during sports or other demanding activities.

How Your Everyday Life May Be Different Following ACL Repair

After ACL surgery, most people return to their favorite activities and sports, aided by strength and conditioning exercises they learn in the Riverview Health physical therapy program. You should, however, talk with your doctor before returning to physical activities.

When a torn ACL slows you down, turn to the orthopedic experts at Riverview Health to help you get you back on your feet. Request an appointment with our orthopedic team today by calling 317.565.0505 or by completing an appointment request form. 


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