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Osteoporosis is an orthopedic condition and bone disease that can make your bones weak, causing them to break easily. Although it primarily affects older women, men and younger adults can also be susceptible to osteoporosis.

Living with osteoporosis doesn’t have to be difficult when you trust your orthopedic care and treatment to the physicians at Riverview Health.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is typically referred to as the “silent disease.” That’s because you can’t feel your bones losing strength. The primary symptom—and usually the first one—is a broken bone, which is most commonly your hip, wrist or spine. Reduced bone mass in your vertebrae can also cause you to develop a stooped back, loss of height and back pain.

Common Causes of Osteoporosis

While orthopedic experts haven’t determined the exact cause of osteoporosis, certain factors, such as age, gender, personal habits, and some diseases and conditions can play a role in its development.

 The risk of osteoporosis is greater in people who:

  • Are females older than 50
  • Aren’t active
  • Are of Caucasian or Asian descent
  • Are petite
  • Don’t consume adequate amounts of calcium or vitamin D
  • Have a family history of osteoporosis
  • Have diabetes, a thyroid imbalance, certain autoimmune disorders or gastrointestinal disorders
  • Use tobacco or alcohol

Diagnosing & Treating Osteoporosis

Our primary care physicians and orthopedic specialists rely on bone density tests—also called bone density test or DEXA scan—to diagnose osteoporosis. This testing uses specialized X-rays to measure calcium and mineral levels within your bones. 

While there isn’t a cure for osteoporosis, certain treatments and lifestyle adjustments can minimize bone loss and reduce the risk of complications. Riverview Health orthopedic specialists will likely recommend increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake, adding low-impact and weight-bearing exercises to your workout routine, taking prescribed medications, quitting smoking and limiting how much alcohol you consume.

For more serious cases of osteoporosis, our expert at Riverview Interventional Pain Center can perform kyphoplasty, a minimally invasive surgical technique that helps stabilize fractures by inserting bone cement into your vertebrae. 

Strengthen your bones and get back to the activities you love by coming to Riverview Health to treat your osteoporosis. Request an appointment with our orthopedic team today by calling 317.565.0505 or by completing an appointment request form.

Riverview Health offers a wide range of treatments and solutions for people suffering from osteoporosis in Noblesville, Carmel, Cicero, Fishers, Sheridan and Westfield, IN.