Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

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Riverview Health––Pediatric Inpatient Hospital Unit
395 Westfield Road
Noblesville, IN 46060

Noblesville Hospital Line (not to be used for appointments): 317.770.5836

Being in an unfamiliar place like a hospital can be scary for kids, especially when they aren’t feeling their best. Whether your child is sick or requires post-operative care, the pediatric team at Riverview Health is here to help. Our pediatric unit it dedicated solely to meeting the unique medical needs of children whose conditions require a hospital stay. With skilled pediatric hospitalists and onsite pediatric nurses, you don’t have to go far from home to find quality care for your children.

To put you and your child at ease, we’ve created a nurturing environment that brings the comforts of home into each of our private, spacious inpatient rooms. Each room offers a flat-screen television with DVD player, in-room internet access, a private bathroom with shower, and a comfortable sofa so you can be by your child’s side 24 hours a day.

The pediatric unit is locked and accessible through a buzzed-entry system, providing added security for you and your family. Our Nourishment Center also gives you and your child round-the-clock access to refreshing snacks and drinks, and there are movies and games to watch and play.

Regardless of your child’s condition, the pediatric team at Riverview Health has the experience and the expertise to help them get well. For more serious issues, we consult with other pediatric specialists in the area to provide you and your child with the most comprehensive care.

All of this comes together to help your child heal in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that feels more like home and less like a hospital.

Conditions We Treat

Children at Riverview Health receive comfort and care provided by our team of dedicated pediatric specialists. Here are some of the more common childhood health conditions we treat.

  • Childhood illnesses
  • Dehydration
  • Fractured bones
  • Post-operative care for minor surgeries
  • Respiratory illnesses

Providers in this service

  • Brian K. Benjamin, MD

    Brian K. Benjamin, MD

  • Scott A. Boschee, MD

    Scott A. Boschee, MD

  • Joanne H. Chaten, MD

    Joanne H. Chaten, MD

  • Caitlin M. Hall, DO

    Caitlin M. Hall, DO

  • Joy J. Kain, MD

    Joy J. Kain, MD

  • Cheryl D. Klein, MD

    Cheryl D. Klein, MD

  • Evan F. Kreutzer, MD

    Evan F. Kreutzer, MD

  • Theresa M. Mason, MD

    Theresa M. Mason, MD

  • Kathleen A. Miller, MD

    Kathleen A. Miller, MD

  • Heather B. Braniff, NP

    Heather B. Braniff, NP

  • Michael J. Fitzgerald, MD

    Michael J. Fitzgerald, MD

  • Kenton S. Hilbish, MD

    Kenton S. Hilbish, MD

  • Elizabeth A Kuonen, MD

    Elizabeth A Kuonen, MD

  • Ashley McFarlane, MD

    Ashley McFarlane, MD

  • Adrian L. McGuire, MD

    Adrian L. McGuire, MD

  • Lindsay S. Nesbitt, MD

    Lindsay S. Nesbitt, MD

  • Kavya Puranik, MD

    Kavya Puranik, MD

  • Lisa M. Richmond, MD

    Lisa M. Richmond, MD

  • Joseph A. Riego, MD

    Joseph A. Riego, MD

  • Jayashree Vasa, MD

    Jayashree Vasa, MD

  • Krystal A. Widau, DO

    Krystal A. Widau, DO