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Riverview Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is committed to improving and preserving the health and well-being of athletes of all ages and their families. Riverview Health provides local schools and organizations sports-medicine coverage with licensed athletic trainers and team physicians. We’re proud to be a partner with these community organizations:

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Riverview Health athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled healthcare professionals who work as part of a sports medicine team under the direction of a physician to provide medical services and treatment to injured student-athletes. They improve functional outcomes and specialize in patient education to prevent injury and re-injury. Athletic trainers are able to reduce injury and shorten rehabilitation time.

Services for student athletes include:

  • Injury and illness prevention
  • Wellness promotion and education
  • Emergent care, examination and diagnosis
  • Therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions

ImPACT Assessments

Concussions not only take an athlete out of the game, but they can be dangerous. A concussion occurs when the brain is moved or jolted due to a blow to the head. This causes bruising to the brain, which can potentially damage nerves and blood vessels.

If you or your child is an athlete, we recommend receiving an ImPACT assessment. Riverview Health offers ImPACT assessments to provide a baseline for cognitive function for athletes prior to a concussion, or after recovery. This baseline is important when attempting to determine the amount of damage that is sustained if you suffer a head injury. 

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Athletic Performance Lab Profile

Fatigue from low iron isn’t what an athlete wants to be worrying about on game day. Iron is lost when we sweat, putting athletes at a higher risk for iron deficiency. Because we know the importance of being at your best when you compete, Riverview Health Laboratory Services designed an Athletic Performance Lab Profile with student-athletes in mind. These tests provide athletes with important information about their health and wellness so they can excel in all they do.

The Athletic Performance Lab Profile includes:

  • Complete Blood Count (indicator of general health)
  • Iron Panel (measures level of iron in the bloodstream)
  • Ferritin test (show amount of stored iron in the body)

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Providers in this service

  • Norman  Mindrebo, MD

    Norman Mindrebo, MD

  • Trenton K. Schmale, DO

    Trenton K. Schmale, DO

  • Scott A. Smith, MD

    Scott A. Smith, MD

  • Jenna E. Walls, MD

    Jenna E. Walls, MD