"Back" to school: backpack safety

“Back” to school: backpack safety

Sue Ellen Edrington, MSN, CNP, RN-BC Clinical Educator, Riverview Hospital Well, it’s back to school time. Most of our children are heading out to school with their backpack. Backpacks are better alternatives to carrying school supplies than heavy totes, messenger bags, or rolling totes. Heavy totes and messenger bags can cause pressure on the shoulder, […]

Falling leaves, apple cider, and...ear infections?

Falling leaves, apple cider, and…ear infections?

Ear infections are among the most common illnesses of early childhood and occur most frequently in the fall and winter months. It’s that time of year again! Noblesville Pediatrics board certified pediatrician, Joy Kain, MD, offers information on ear infections as well as a symptom guide to this common illness. Three out of four children […]