Artificial sweeteners - are they safe?

Artificial sweeteners – are they safe?

Laura Kenny, MS, RD, CD In grocery stores, artificially sweetened products are everywhere! In an effort to “improve their nutritional profile”, beverages, yogurt, cereals, cookies, chips and even boxed entrees are utilizing artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Artificial sweeteners are designed to mimic the sweetness of sugar with fewer calories due to volume reduction and […]

Fat and Nutrition

Finding reliable nutrition information

Laura Kenny, MS, RD, CD Finding reliable nutrition information can be an overwhelming task. It appears as if there are an endless number of websites offering advice, tips, and links to even more resources. There are also a variety of health and fitness professionals providing recommendations on diet and nutrition. It can be hard to […]

"Back" to school: backpack safety

“Back” to school: backpack safety

Sue Ellen Edrington, MSN, CNP, RN-BC Clinical Educator, Riverview Hospital Well, it’s back to school time. Most of our children are heading out to school with their backpack. Backpacks are better alternatives to carrying school supplies than heavy totes, messenger bags, or rolling totes. Heavy totes and messenger bags can cause pressure on the shoulder, […]

Milk Alternatives: Which is Best?

Milk Alternatives: Which is Best?

By: Laura Kenny MS, RD, CD Grocery stores are becoming well-stocked with milk alternatives, but consumers should not assume that all products are nutritionally equivalent to cow’s milk.  Of particular importance to the American diet, cow’s milk is a key source of protein, calcium and vitamin D.  So…should you choose soy, rice, almond, hemp or […]

On a mission to make a difference

On a mission to make a difference

[slideshow id=14] Riverview Medical Group orthopaedic surgeon Norman Mindrebo, MD with New Hope Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, his wife Peggy Mindrebo, and Riverview Nurse, Miranda Johnson, recently went on a medical mission trip to Haiti. Here, they reflect on their meaningful venture! Dr. Norman and Peggy Mindrebo: Working together in Haiti on short-term trips often […]