Riverview Health | Multi-Factor Authentication

The Riverview Health multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution is required for remote access to VMware Horizon virtual desktops and Microsoft Office 365. All @riverview.org users are required to enroll. Enrolling in MFA will also enroll you in the Riverview Health self-service password reset (SSPR) solution, which provides a secure way to reset your password without Help Desk assistance.

Requirements for MFA and SSPR

To enroll in both multi-factor authentication (MFA) and self-service password reset (SSPR), you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a @riverview.org account (username and password)
  • Have two or more authentication methods under your individual control
    • Microsoft Authenticator: a mobile app that prompts for you to approve or deny logon requests
    • SMS text message: a text message containing a six-digit code is sent to your mobile phone
    • Voice call: an automated phone call asks you to press * or # to approve or deny logon requests
    • Email address: an email containing a six-digit code is sent to your email address

Enroll in MFA and SSPR

Enrolling in either multi-factor authentication (MFA) or self-service password reset (SSPR) will automatically enroll you in both.

MFA: Enroll in multi-factor authentication (click to open)
SSPR: Enroll in self-service password reset (click to open)

Enrollment Instructions

For detailed enrollment instructions (video and text), please see these resources.

MFA: Additional multi-factor authentication enrollment instructions (click to open)
SSPR: Additional self-service password enrollment instructions (click to open)

Help Desk

If you have questions regarding multi-factor authentication or self-service password reset, please contact the Information Systems Help Desk.

Open an online support ticket (click to open)
Call for support (click to open)
  • Call 317.776.7456
Email for support (click to open)