Patient and Visitor Code of Conduct

Riverview Health is committed to providing high-quality care to our patients and communities in a safe and respectful environment that supports health and healing. 

To ensure our hospitals and care locations are safe and caring, we ask that patients and visitors follow the example of Riverview Health providers and employees by adhering to our Patient and Visitor Code of Conduct, which includes the following: 

  • Treat everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect.  
  • Use respectful, appropriate language and behavior.  
  • Refrain from physical or verbal threats or assaults, suggestive or explicit words, phrases, gestures, or actions will not be tolerated.  
  • No weapons or firearms.   
  • Leave equipment and supplies alone.
  • Respect patient privacy and avoid disrupting other patients’ care or experiences. 

If these guidelines are not followed: 

  • Patients may be asked to leave and make other plans for their non-emergent immediate care. 
  • Visitors may be asked to leave and could be restricted from future visitation.   

Every day, our providers and employees are committed to providing the highest levels of care to our patients. Please show them the respect they deserve and that you expect as a patient or visitor. Thank you for choosing Riverview Health and joining us in our commitment to ensuring a safe and caring environment for us all.