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Have our team of experts review your current Wellness and Occupational Health programs. Don’t have any? Let our experienced team of clinicians and healthcare professionals make a recommendation on how to get started.

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Why Wellness with Riverview Health

As a full-service hospital with 25 primary and specialty care locations and more than 35 healthcare specialties, we have the resources to help you bring health and wellness to your workplace. Achieving success with a wellness program is all about individualization, and we'll work closely with you to tailor your program to fufill your needs.

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Using technology to improve health and wellness

With so many options for wearable fitness devices, making a selection can feel overwhelming. We’ve done the hard part for you by comparing several top products in the market so you can make a purchase and start living a healthier life.

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IMMI: Keeping Employees Safe with Occupational Health Services

Keeping employees safe and well is a high priority for IMMI in Westfield, IN. That’s why IMMI partners with Riverview Health to provide occupational health services to its employees.


Meyer Najem: Saving Money with Wellness Programming

Since partnering with Riverview Health for employee wellness programming, Meyer Najem has been able to save on health insurance costs and provide wellness benefits, activities and events for its employees.


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