Riverview Health Plastic Surgery Gallery Case 9
11 Weeks Post-Op Skin Graft
BTM Placement
11 Weeks Post Skin Graft

Split Thickness Skin Graft to Ankle


This is a 46-year-old male with a history of an Achilles tendon rupture and repair in July 2021. Three months following the repair, the patient unfortunately developed a wound infection. He underwent debridement of the infection and Dr. Tieman placed a biodegradable temporizing matrix. Following debridement and BTM placement, this patient had a wound vac for four weeks. The patient was then taken back to the operating room for a split-thickness skin graft from his thigh.  As you click through the photos, you can see progression from initial presentation to final reconstruction.


The patient is healing well thus far and has been working on increasing activity with physical therapy. There is one small area of granulation tissue that has not fully epithelialized yet, but he is well on his way to healing completely. In addition, he has good gliding of his Achilles tendon below the surgical site.