Get a Vascular Screening for Peripheral Artery Disease in Noblesville, IN

$79 Vascular Screening Package

To see if you qualify for and to schedule a $79 vascular screening package, please complete the below information, and one of our staff members will contact you within two business days. The vascular screening package includes three screenings: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening, Ankle Brachial Index Test and Carotid Artery Screening. If you qualify, payment will be due at time of scheduling.

Note: We do not bill medical insurances for specially priced vascular screening packages.

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Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition of the circulatory system affecting the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the extremities. In peripheral artery disease, the blood vessels are narrowed, resulting in reduced blood flow to the limbs.

When to Get Screened for PAD

You should consider being screened for peripheral artery disease if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Older than 70
  • Older than 50 with a history of smoking or diabetes
  • If you have a history of diabetes and/or multiple risk factors for the development of plaque buildup in your arteries (such as high cholesterol and smoking)

Symptoms of PAD

In many cases, you may not experience any symptoms of PAD, so it’s important to have a vascular screening to diagnose any circulatory problems before they get worse.

  • Common symptoms of PAD may include:
  • Cramping, aching or heaviness in the legs during activity (such as climbing stairs) that goes away when you rest
  • Feet or legs that are pale or bluish in color
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Poor circulation in the feet or lower legs
  • Legs that feel cooler to the touch than other areas of the body
  • Sores on the feet or legs that don’t heal quickly
  • Poor hair growth on legs
  • Toenails that grow slowly or not at all

If you experience severe leg pain, seek emergency medical attention right away or call 911.

Diagnosing PAD at Riverview Health

At Riverview Health, our vascular specialists and cardiologists provide exceptional, personalized care to evaluate your symptoms and provide recommendations for treatment. To diagnose PAD, your doctor will begin by assessing your medical history and performing a physical exam. Then, your risk factors for PAD will be evaluated, along with your family history and your symptoms.

The following diagnostic tests may also be performed:

  • Ankle-brachial index, a noninvasive procedure that measures the blood pressure in your legs and arms
  • Arteriogram to help your doctor determine if there are artery blockages in your legs
  • Blood tests to measure your cholesterol level and other factors for heart disease
  • MRA (magnetic resonance angiogram) to provide a detailed picture of your blood vessels
  • Treadmill test to help your doctor determine the severity of your condition
  • Ultrasound to create an image of blood circulating through your legs

Vascular Screening Package - $79

The Vascular Screening Package include the following:

  • Carotid Artery Screening—This test screens for possible narrowing and blockages of the carotid arteries, which are the main arteries in the neck that supply blood to the brain. If these arteries are blocked, you could be at a higher risk of stroke.
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening—This non-invasive ultrasound test screens for an aneurysm—a bulge or weakness—in the aorta, the major blood vessel that extends from the heart into the abdomen.
  • Ankle Brachial Index Test—This procedure tests for peripheral artery disease by screening for blockages and plaque buildup in the legs, which is linked to cardiovascular disease. Deposits of plaque in the large arteries of the legs can block the blood supply to the legs, resulting in pain when walking.

If you or a loved one has symptoms of PAD, take a step toward a healthier life with a $79 vascular screening package at Riverview Health. Though this package doesn’t require a doctor’s order, you must meet specific criteria. To see if you qualify and to request an appointment, call 317.776.7247 or complete our online form.

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